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The "Moth" appeared in Europe in the 1930´s.

The French Federation called for an Architect's submission in 1963 to monotype the "Moth".

Alois Roland from Belgium sent drawings of the modificated boat (on the basis of Pierre Marique's drawings) and won the submission. He called his boat the "EUROPE".

Very soon the French and Belgian Federations recognized the monotype and Alois Roland started the construction. (West system).

The Belgian Europe Class is very active in the very first years and champions like Paul Maes, P. Van Genabeek, Van Godtsenhoeven, François de Harlez, J.P. Bernard for Belgium and Bartoli, M. Lambot, Stafler, Cospen Demoulin, Hervey and Devillers for France are the first ones to write their names in the Honour Role.

Daniel Bertels starts to organize ladies' regattas, the first step for that Olympic Class for ladies.

Alois Roland's company bankrupted and since M. Cristalli produces the wooden boats.

The International Europe Class Union was founded in 1963 to represent interests of Europe dinghy sailors worldwide.
In 1976 the ISAF granted the Europe dinghy International status.
In 1988 the IECU applied to the ISAF for Olympic candidacy of the International Europe dinghy.
In 1989 the Europe dinghy was chosen as the single handed Olympic Class for ladies.

The Europe dinghy is ideal for a large number of sailors, in our 2000 Class statistics we can read that the range of weight and height are the following for:

MEN from 62 to 75 kg. (TOP TEN: 65 to 75 kg.) 1,68 to 1,85 m. (TOP TEN: 1,68 to 1,85 m.)

WOMEN from 52 to 70 kg. (TOP TEN: 60 to 70 kg.) 1,56 to 1,78 m. (TOP TEN: 1,63 to 1,78 m.)

Important features of the International Europe Dinghy are the excellent trimming facilities which make it a practical possibility to adjust the boat to the sailor's height, weight and experience. The mast and the sail can be selected and adjusted to suit the sailor and enable fair competition and ease of handling without the use of harmful means of compensation such as weight jackets. Young lady sailors enjoy the Europe dinghy because they can control and race the boat even in strong wind and waves.

The Europe dinghy is very easy to transport. The hull weights only 45 kg. and with a length under 3,4 m. permits to load the boat on the roof of a car.

The Europe dinghy is built under ISAF Licence (Official Boatbuilders), nevertheless sailors may build their own boats.

In the last fourty years the Europe dinghy has increased in quality as a fast attractive racing dinghy. The Class is firmly determined to grow through further geographic expansion.

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